about innerfx.com

I’m a 30 years old independent – self-taught trader – just like many visitors of this blog. I’ve been trading currencies for over 8 years, so I know quite a bit about the good and the bad of FX trading.

Since 2004, I am using this site to share my thoughts on trading, mainly to improve my discipline – keeping a clear track record of my own observations, expectations and plans. I also hope that others, especially beginners, may benefit from my opinions and experience. I know it is useful to know someone else’s opinion, but keep in mind that everything that you find here is not intended to be used as trading recommendations/signals.

I am advocating common sense here, not selling you a “get rich soon” scheme or something similar. If you are looking for sites and “gurus” to provide you everything to become a millionaire in less than a year, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

For more info on how I trade, check this post.

Here is a  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer most common questions you might have:

What is innerfx.com?

  • an useful resource for traders from all over the world
  • a trading blog where I share my thoughts (well, most of them) related to currency trading, technical analysis, financial markets etc.
  • a place where novice traders can learn how to trade better and what to look at. Where’s money, there’s dirt and the web is, unfortunately, full of junk sites: the FX Industry certainly doesn’t lack them. I can sleep well at night knowing that this site is not one of them.

Is innerfx.com a signal provider?

  •  No. I do not provide trading signals. I share some trading setups, views, expectations, intentions, jokes, random thoughts, funny pictures and music. You should always take trading decisions based on your own beliefs and analysis, not mine. Do your homework and never expect to replicate other traders’ performance.

Do you provide money management services?

  • No. I’m having a hard time managing my own money, so there’s enough pressure on my shoulders. 

Do you accept donations?

  • No. Unless we are speaking about an Aston Martin :-)

When do you publish your articles?

  • Every morning Not that often lately – maybe twice a week or so, before the European Session open, around 06:00 GMT. Some articles are randomly published during the day, in the evening and weekends. An email alert is sent to subscribers when a new post is published. On average, there are about 2 messages / day and max. 3. I suggest you use email filters such as Gmail’s labels and filters to group messages on rules such as specific sender, keeping your inbox clean. 

How can I get your articles?

What charting platform do you use?

  • Most of the times I use MetaTrader. It is free, fast and provides everything I need. I highly recommend it.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to help. You can either use the contact form or post comments on articles. I’m doing my best to answer to all inquiries.