Friday Links 7/1/11

Today’s reading list:

The Kübler-Ross Model Of Terminal Keynesian Unwind, Or The Five Stages Of An Insolvent Greece (zero hedge)

Shanky’s Post POMO and a 4th Rant (Shanky’s Tech Blog)

Swiss Franc and the possibility of huge mortgage defaults in Central Europe (the trader)

Swiss Franc Depreciates as Haven Bets Unwind; Euro Is Set for Weekly Gain (Bloomberg)

“The European Union is not rescuing Greece, but the German banks” (the trader)

Can the EU Fix Greece? (The Market Oracle)

Oh I’m Sorry, You had a Theory About Greek Deb Too? (LOL Greece)

AHEAD OF THE TAPE: Greece Now Perfectly Poised for Next Rescue (WSJ)

Google+ social network runs into first privacy issue (LA Times)

Goodbye QE2, We Hardly Liked Ye (Safehaven)

The Post-QE2 Hangover (Business Insider)

Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy (NY Times)

China Salutes 90 Years of Communism (WSJ)

Facebook plans awesome launch next week (Reuters)

10 Brands That Will Die in 2012 (The Atlantic)

Dangerous stupid people (The Chive)

Enjoy your weekend, folks!


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