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Hello. Recently, I interviewed Steve W., owner of and I am very excited to bring you this material today. I am a fan of Steve’s web-site and I highly encourage you to check it out. You’ll find tons of useful articles, such as trading methods and strategies, educational articles, market commentary, videos, a trading chat room etc. Some of you who are active on forums may already know his popular thread on Forex Factory.

Here is a short description from Steve’s about page:

Once upon a time I used to work for a major hedge fund, but for one reason or another (in this case another) I decided to leave and began working independently trading my own capital full-time.  When you work for and by yourself, things can get pretty monotonous, so I began reading around public arenas and found myself slapping my head over and over again at the wasted talent regularly inundated with out of touch analysis provided by other independent traders and retail sources.  In an attempt to prove that things indeed don’t need to be that complicated for short term opportunities, I started writing about a wide range of trading topics, the first and foremost of those being nothing more than basic support and resistance.  After a while the opportunity seekers soon followed, and this little community based on simplified trading tactics was born.


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My Interview for

I was interviewed by Adam Kritzer from

Forex Blog: I’d like to begin by asking you about your background as a trader and as a commentator. How did you get started in forex? At what point did you make the transition from trading currencies to offering analysis to the public? What was your motivation for that decision?

Hello Adam, thank you for inviting me to the interview. Back in the year 2003, some friends were talking about investing in the stock market. I had listened to their conversations, which was quite interesting, even though I had only a little idea about what they meant. Once I got back home, I started to search on the Internet – looking for Stock Investing websites to learn more about it. I stumbled across various sites and soon opened my first account on a gambling site. Gambling – that’s right. For example, it was possible to try predicting the last decimal of a financial instrument after 10 market ticks. That was crazy and foolish. I blew my account after two weeks, so I decided to take a break and do some more research. […]

Check out my full interview on his website.

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Tea with Mike

This is the first article in the Interviews category and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Both me and Mike will appreciate if you will provide your feedback after reading it.

tea with Mike

I always liked tracking “exotic” pairs due to a strange feeling – like hearing a voice telling me “hey you! look here, carefully, there’s a great opportunity and nobody is watching… they are too busy scalping EUR/USD with 1-pip spread. Enjoy the next 500 pips move in this cross and be quiet. Shhht!”

One day, back in 2009, I stumbled across Mike’s Forex Blog and followed it ever since.
What really dragged my attention first was the tag line: “This blog goes where few traders dare – the exciting world of Forex outside the dollar!”

So I said to myself: “hmm! Another trader “quietly” following the same charts I look at, while everyone is partying elsewhere? …interesting”

Mike Kulej is a professional full-time trader and I admire his work. In fact, there are only a few trading blogs I follow, never missing an article no matter if I read it on my laptop, desktop, smart phone or Kindle – and Mike’s is one of them.
Therefore, I believe that the following interview will be a great lesson that we can learn.

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