Monday Links 3/07/11

Hello again. Here are some links to start the week.

S.E.C. Still Isn’t Enforcing a Ratings-Agency Rule (related to my earlier post)

Favorite Forex Trading/Charting Platforms (including my opinion)

The 25 Best Financial Blogs

WiLLiaM BaNZai7’s Book oF WaLL STReeT FaT CaTS

Shanky’s Daily Market Summary And Conversation 3/07/11

Are Austerity Measures Helping the Pound?

Gold Thoughts

Modern Investors in Search Normal Markets

Short Video on EURUSD

Why America Will Stay on Top

NASA scientist spies extraterrestrial life

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (27 Photos)

Conan O’Brien plays world’s biggest game of Angry Birds (Video)

Here’s Why You Should Never Trust The Photos Hotels Post Online



2 thoughts on “Monday Links 3/07/11

  1. Deyan Pavlov

    Liviu, thank you for this very interesting, funny, informative collection, this one and all others that you post regularly!


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