Sunday Links 4/10/11

Today’s links:

Shut It Down? (Economic Collapse)

Soros Speaks (Zero Hedge)

Tool’s Lesson on Fibonacci: Think ‘Laterally’ (Financial Philosopher)

The Impact of Algorithmic Trading (Big Picture)

ECB May Raise Rate to 1.5% in July as Trichet Fights Inflation (Bloomberg)

Europe’s Rate Rise Signals End of Cheap-Money Era (WSJ)

Perfect Storm For Gold & Silver – Silver Surges 6% In Week To $40.28 – GFMS Forecast $50/oz This Year (Zero Hedge)

Georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of Armenia (Guardian)

Paul Mason: Trichet: welcome to my great big fat Euro fiasco (BBC)

Forex Trader Under Microscope (FX Madness)

European Debt Crisis Morphs Into New Phase: Mohamed El-Erian (Bloomberg)

Digging Up a Tsunami Prediction (WSJ)

Is America the next Portugal? Brett Arends’ ROI (MarketWatch)

The Destruction of Money: Who Does It, Why, When, and How? (The Atlantic)

50 Years In Space: Was It Worth It? [INFOGRAPHIC & POLL] (Mashable)

There I Fixed It – Part 3 (Dam Cool Pics)



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