Sunday Links 4/17/11

Today’s links:

Goldman’s Latest EURUSD Outlook (Zero Hedge)

Euro vs. Invasion of the Zombie Banks (NY Times)

Germany Floats Greek Restructuring; Finland’s Anti-Euro Party Poised to Win Record Support; Spain on Deck (Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis)

Japan nuclear crisis ‘over in nine months (BBC)

Simon Black on why gold is still a bargain (Bearish News)

Furious Greeks press for country to default on debt (Guardian)

Inflation Explained (Zero Hedge)

20 Signs That We’re Approaching A Global Food Crisis (Business Insider)

Online poker companies indicted for fraud (CNN)

Quantum teleporter breakthrough (University of New South Wales)

The 6 Most Ridiculous Things Ever Taxed (Cracked)

Funny Chinese business names (Chive)




5 thoughts on “Sunday Links 4/17/11

  1. Demax

    I laughed so hard re the Chive link that I forwarded it to my Mom.
    Thanks Liviu.. now I'm up for some trading for the next 4 days.

          1. Demax

            No prob asking. She doesn't live in China but she does follow things-economic that I send her though, as well as the funnies that crop up from time to time. She's well aware of the counterfeiting that plagues us coming from there.
            She'll appreciate the irony in the Biz Names too.

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