Sunday Links 7/17/11

Interesting stuff from all around the web today:

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Links 7/17/11

  1. Demax

    Apart from installing an SSD, which would juice ANY system, here's my top 'ten' ;
    1) Install any reasonable Linux distro that's stable and rustle up a browser-led workplace or whatever takes your fancy (video rendering, office, file-sharing, web authoring..)
    For the most part, installing / uninstalling software doesn't necessitate a reboot — and even i fit did, rebooting is pretty quick if you knew what you were doing on setup anyway. As a result, the other traditional fixes for Windows "just go away".
    End of story (except for decrying the various NTFS flavours for not being forward/backward compatible in favour of ANY journaling filesystem, but that's a different topic entirely.)

    1. liviu Post author

      I use Linux on servers since the year 2000 and it is doing an excellent job. I can't even imagine doing the same things on a Windows Server.
      But for a workstation I for one prefer Windows 7. There are too many applications that are available on Windows only, especially trading software (charting etc). Games too.

      But yeah, for light computer usage as home user such as browsing, email, watching videos – Linux is a great choice and it is free! Also no worries about viruses and malware :)


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