Sunday Links 7/3/11

Interesting stuff from around the web:

Look What You Can Buy in the Greek Liquidation Sale! (naked capitalism)

Is the UK following Japan into a ‘lost decade’? (Telegraph)

Euro Zone Releases Greek Aid (WSJ)

ECB Faces New Credibility Test (WSJ)

CHaRTS THaT DoN’T Lie (zero hedge)

Tim Geithner’s Cover Letter To Goldman Sachs Leaked (zero hedge)

Experts Identify This $72 Painting As A Lost Da Vinci, Worth $120 Million (Business Insider)

Antimatter Tevatron mystery gains ground (BBC)

A tumor that could provide the key to making zombies (io9)

Cat Saturday Gallery (The Chive)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Funny Cat
Funny Cat

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