Tuesday Links 3/15/11

Hello, here’s the links for today.

January – March FOMC Statement: Comparison

US Dollar, FOMC, and the Japan Crisis: The Dog That Didn’t Bark

Al Jazeera Explains What A Fukushima Meltdown Would Look Like

The state of Japan’s power grid

Radiation: When to worry

How Nuclear Reactors Work, And How They Fail

Albert Einstein: Seven Things You Didn’t Know

Shanky’s Daily Chart Art

Global Meltdown

Sup Bro (pic)

Beer Troubleshooting (pic)

Nuclear reactors, how do they work?
Nuclear reactors, how do they work?


See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Links 3/15/11

  1. @ShankysTB

    LOL Chart Art – colors resemble art – not sure about analysis. All great links above.

    Japan much more serious than they are letting on my friend.

    I'll get back with you on joint post. I got covered up with baseball and other stuff. Hell, currency moves now are as unpredictable as a damaged reactor and what the government is going to tell you about it.

    1. liviu Post author

      I like the charts. For my own trading I keep them very clean and simple (mostly with 0 indicators) but when I enjoy a glass of wine after a hard day, it's delightful to see what others look at and what tools they use.

      I agree on currencies, they're like roller coasters through the dark. The spikes nowadays are painful.


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