Wednesday Links 4/20/11

Today’s links:

Why QE 3 is Guaranteed (the Alternative is Something Four Times Bigger than 2008) (Zero Hedge)

Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq (The Independent)

Recognize this pattern? (Pragmatic Capitalism)

How High Will Silver Go? (Financial Sense)

See How 16th Century Maps Compare To The Latest Satellite Imagery (Business Insider)

Heart Stopping Adventure (Washington’s Blog)

A Shared Sacrifice That I Can Understand (Safehaven)

“Darwin’s Extraterrestrials” — A New Theory for the ‘Great Silence’ (Daily Galaxy)

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Revealed, Offers 40 MPG With Diesel Engine (Green Car Reports)

Fun Things for Your Workplace (40 pics) (AcidCow)

New Beetle
New Beetle

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