Wednesday Links 4/27/11

Today’s links:

The Biggest Losers From Today’s FOMC Conference: Robots (Zero Hedge)

97 Top Forex Mistakes (Winners Edge Trading)

20 Questions For Ben Bernanke (Zero Hedge)

The Mess in Europe (Big Picture)

Pimco’s Observations As The US “Reaches The Keynesian Endpoint” – The QE2 Ponzi Scheme Is “Nothing But A Profit Illusion” (Zero Hedge)

Shanky’s Daily Stuff (Shanky’s Tech Blog)

Wednesday – QE3 or not QE3? That is the Question (Phil’s Stock World)

UK is Bigger Fiscal Mess than Spain or Portugal; Fiat Currencies Don’t Float (Mish’s Global Economic Analysis)

Ben Bernanke defends Fed actions and downplays concerns about inflation at first news conference (LA Times)

Ben Bernanke Press Conference (Business Insider)

The scam behind the rise in oil, food prices (Zero Hedge)

Titanic’s Unknown Child Given New, Final Identity (Yahoo News)

How Dangerous Is Finland to the Euro? (Big Picture)

The 14 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues in the World (Cracked)

Apple Patent Reveals Extensive Stalking Plans (Gawker)

Hilarious signs that make no sense (Chive)




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