Wednesday Links 5/11/11

Here’s a brilliant picture I’ve found – the result of Microsoft-Skype deal:


And some links for today:

Pictures From A Violent (And Media Blacked Out) Greek Exhibition (zero hedge)

Steve Forbes: “The US Will Likely Have A Gold Standard Within The Next Five Years” (zero hedge)

Galleon hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam found guilty in insider trading case (LA Times)

U.S. To Introduce Draconian Anti-Piracy Censorship Bill (Torrent Freak)

Why Greece Should Say No to the Euro (NY Times)

The Greeks investigate the Germans (FT Alphaville)

WSJ Caught BLATANTLY Scrubbing….. in (Market Ticker)

Pass the methadone please, darling (Macro Man)

Shanky’s Daily Charts and Commentary (Shanky’s Tech Blog)

Sitting is Killing You (The Big Picture)

The 15 Most Awesome Cities For Single Guys To Visit (Business Insider)

Dentist Tools of the Past (15 pics) (Acid Cow)

The House of Osama bin Laden (14 pics) (Acid Cow)


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